criminal Division - Frequently Asked questions

How do I file a complaint?

If you have been the victim of a crime, you need to contact the police department to make a report and request an investigation.  If it's a misdemeanor allegation, you may come to the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to file a complaint.  Your allegations will be reviewed by a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney to determine if there is sufficient evidence for prosecution.

How do I obtain a protective order?

Protective orders are issued by the court.  You may contact the Clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior Court, at the Allen County Courthouse, 715 South Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 or you may call (260) 449-7130.

I would like the Prosecutor to "drop the charges" against my spouse/friend in a domestic violence case.  Is this possible?

The Allen County Prosecutor has a "No Drop" policy as it relates to crimes of domestic violence.  The Prosecutor's Office will proceed to court once charges have been filed, with or without the victim.

How do I report Child Abuse?

Contact Child Protective Services (Division of Family & Children Services) at (260) 449-7138 or 1-800-800-5556.  You may also contact your law enforcement agency to report child abuse.  It is your legal obligation to report any suspected cases of neglect or abuse to a child.

Why does the Prosecutor's Office offer plea recommendations to criminals?

Plea recommendations are necessary to our criminal justice system.  If every defendant charged with a crime decided to have a trial, our criminal justice system would come to a standstill.    Victims would have to wait years for a decision, witnesses would lose interest, memories would fade, evidence would deteriorate, and defendants would disappear.   In Allen County, 90% of the defendants plead guilty to crimes they committed.   This provides swift and certain justice for the defendant and the victim.